Well, Hello There!

Stef and Chris wanted to have their own website for a while since social media seems to be unstable for the past few...well...years, so here is our website. We will post news, information about our episodes, and anything that springs to mind when promoting what we do. What do we do? We talk about Star Wars and Marvel stuff in a non-toxic way, which makes us a minority in a sea of content creators who love to bitch and complain about everything.

We always talk on our show about our Patreon, which is where our financial supporters are, but we wanted to do something a little extra for the rest of our listeners. Both of our podcasts (Dark Side Divas and Marvelous Divas) have a lot of listeners, and we wanted to do something different that everyone can enjoy.

One thing that comes to mind is how lucky we are as content creators to have an audience! Stef and I have told this story 100s of times on our podcasts, but both were covid lockdown projects. We used it as an excuse to hang out with each other and talk about nerdy stuff. Stef and I never imagined we would have so many people listening to our show, and we are eternally grateful to all of you who have supported us this whole time!

We have much to celebrate, but also, there's a big fight on the horizon. Clearly, both Star Wars and Marvel films are working to be more inclusive, and that will trigger every bigot. Pissing off haters is great, but it also means they will get louder. We hope our podcasts serve as a refuge from bigotry and stupidity. Stef and I stand united in supporting all humans, which includes: Men, Women, people of color, people of all backgrounds, religions/spirituality, sexual orientation, genders, people with accessibility issues, ongoing health issues, etc. We are only free if everyone is free, equal, and respected.

By Chris